We’re Hudson and Ella.

We’re both writers from Melbourne, Australia who absolutely love to travel. And in 2018, when we both made the leap to work as freelancers full-time, we also decided to make the next logical leap as well – a leap into the unknown.

So this year, in May 2019 to be exact, we’re going wandering. Pens (keyboards) and cameras at the ready – we hope to discover the kind of places and experiences that are more than just a pretty picture on Instagram. And we want to share that with you. We want to help others have the kind of adventures we used to only dream about.

In one way or another, the two of us have been sharing our love of art, design, food and travel for almost all of our working lives.

Ella was once the Assistant Editor of Australia’s most-read sustainable architecture publication, has worked on sponsored content campaigns with the likes of Nike, Converse, Adidas and Skyscanner, and has spent an inordinate amount time helping produce print magazines on art, surfing, music, cycling and travel (she has eclectic tastes).

Hudson had his first non-fiction coffee table book, which focused on community, food and design, published when he was only 21 and has been obsessed with the topics ever since. He’s also been the Editorial Assistant of a print magazine exploring small footprint living across art, design and urbanism, and is no stranger to producing content for brands like Jetstar, American Express, Mazda and Samsung.

On this blog you can expect writing and photography that centres the people and places that intrigue and inspire, that make us laugh and make us think.

Responsible travel is important to us. So while incredible food, design and art experiences will always at the forefront, we’ll also be talking about how we can ensure that our travel doesn’t just benefit us, but also benefits the cultures and communities we visit along the way.

From destination guides and local stories to travel tips and resources, Megalopolist is about journeys: yours and ours.

P.S. You’re probably wondering why the name Megalopolist. After all, it’s not even a real word. And yet, for us it is. A megalopolis is an enormous and dense city, a series of nearby cities, or a part of an even bigger city. Sure, they have their shortcomings, but they’re the kind of place we both grew up in, which means they’re also bursting with communities, cultures and stories to be discovered. To us, a Megalopolist is someone who thrives off of that. Someone who can’t help but be inspired by the beautifully chaotic mess around them and wants to share that with the world.